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What has Really Happened ... so far?

(April 2023) It always takes longer (and is more work) than I think to gather content and update a new website -- and to do it right. On top of that, when you drop all other social media platforms -- DUH, you realise your new website is the only place to purchase your patterns. So today's activities are all about getting those patterns back on this new website. Use the Shopping link above, or click here.

What's Happening?

(November 2022) Some might call it semi-retirement. I just call it change. I've sold my yarns to two different companies who will carry on with new ways, possibly new colors and new vision. I am joyfully moving to have more time to weave and knit and design. I've got SO-O-O many ideas for my new AVL K series loom with 32 shafts. Some of those ideas will show up in my shop as they become available.