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Soho Skirt

Designer: Jeane deCoster

“How do you take pictures of yourself when nobody else is home? Let’s pretend I get dressed in the garage all the time!” .

I have fond memories of a linen knit skirt I purchased in Soho, NY way back when...(in the 70’s maybe?) This version is designed to remember a favorite garment and celebrate a new yarn.

Coastal yarn lends the perfect swing and drape to this lacey skirt. It also celebrates my friend Lorilee Beltman’s Vertically Stranded Colorwork technique.

A dyer first, a designer second, I was absolutely captivated by this new yarn. Brooke Sinnes (Sincere Sheep) and I have been talking about a warm weather yarn with wool, silk and flax for what seems like, well -- forever! This yarn is both a culmination of a dream and, for us, an expression of the joy we want to claim for this new, fresh year of 2021.